Yin Yoga & The 5 Elements -Teacher Training

Delivered by Verity Sawyer and Helen Hunt

Next training - 24th - 28th April 2024 The Yoga Factory, Southend on Sea

Our 50 hour Yin Yoga training is a deep dive into the elements using the 5 Elements and Meridian Theory, rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is an immersive, in-person, 6 day programme (1 day online) with class practicums, small group and partner-led posture clinics, daily Yin, Qi Gong & Meditation sessions and lectures. 

Each day we will look at one of the 5 elements from a physical, energetic and emotional perspective and learn which season and organ they correspond to. We will then learn how to sequence a 1 hour class related to the theme and content of the day.

We will explore a combination of different energy practices including Yin, Qi Gong & Meditation to increase our sensory awareness and to discover how to trace, feel and ‘switch on’ the meridian pathways in the body. By understanding which acupressure points are accessible to stimulate during a pose you will learn how to experience and guide your students into energetically stimulated yin poses.

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